Cecile Richards Says She Doesn't Know When an Unborn Baby Gets Constitutional Rights

Posted: Oct 05, 2016 7:00 PM
Cecile Richards is the president of an organization that aborts over 300,000 children a year. So, we shouldn't be surprised by the CEO's latest admission. In an interview with WHO NewsRadio's Doug Wagner in Ohio, Richards could not say when unborn babies are granted constitutional rights.

Wagner said, “At what point does that child - or that unborn person, fetus – whatever you want to call it – at what point does that baby get the constitutional rights?”

“Well, I don’t really, actually – I don’t know that there’s an exact answer for that” Richards replied.

The stuttering Richards then pivoted to what she believes is the real issue: limited options for women who are seeking health care. Based on her history of promoting abortion, we can assume she means state laws that have shuttered abortion clinics across the country. Richards also chooses to ignore the thousands of pro-life pregnancy centers available to women every day.

Amazingly, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has taken an even more extreme position on unborn babies' rights. In April, she told "Meet the Press's" Chuck Todd that unborn persons definitively do not have constitutional rights while they're in the womb.

"Well, under our laws currently, that is not something that exists," she said.

Richards and Clinton defer to the usual talking point that women should have the option to make their own decisions about their pregnancies, putting abortion with adoption in the same playing field. Yet, it's hard to compare life and death.