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Why Trump Is Putting an End to Media Blackout

In the heat of the moment earlier this year, GOP nominee Donald Trump announced his campaign would no longer be accepting media credentials from the likes of the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Univision, the Daily Beast and Politico - entities that tend to skew liberal and each did something to offend the Republican, be it publish unflattering stories or treat him with what he viewed as a lack of respect.


Other banned outlets included the Huffington Post for its decision to place all of its Trump coverage in the entertainment section, and the Des Moines Register for imploring him to drop out of the race.

Yet, after seeming too sensitive to any bit of criticism, Trump has reversed course. As of Wednesday, he will allow reporters from these outlets into his campaign events.

He hasn't exactly had a change of heart toward these journalists, but reasoned they "can't treat him any worse," according to CNN's Brian Stelter.

Still, even with this temporary media ban, Trump has still been 100 times more transparent than his Democratic counterpart, who has now not held a press conference in over 277 days (not counting the awkward press gaggle aboard her airplane this week).


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