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In the 2016 Democratic primary, then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz's pro-Hillary Clinton bias eventually got her fired. She scheduled only six debates, seemingly shielding Clinton from any real competition. When Bernie Sanders actually provided a serious challenge to the candidate, Wasserman Schultz panicked and showed her true colors. Wikileaks released thousands of the Democratic National Committee's emails that showed her lashing out at the Vermont senator's campaign. She was booed at the DNC convention and pressured to step down as chair.

Wasserman Schultz is now fighting for her Florida House seat and it turns out she's just as scared of the debate ring when it comes to her having to step in it herself.

The former DNC chair scheduled a weekend debate with her challenger Tim Canova Sunday at 8 a.m., when most people were probably either still sleeping or getting ready for church. It was a testy meeting. The two argued over everything from the Middle East to Social Security. At one point, Wasserman Schultz refused Canova's request to interject. "No you may not!" she said.

She has also rejected Canova's suggestion to take part in at least two more debates before the August 30 contest.

Canova, seen as the more progressive candidate of the two, has been able to draw an impressive amount of donations thanks in part to the support of Bernie Sanders and the DNC scandals.

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