Benghazi Widow Wonders If Hillary Never Mentioned YouTube Video to Her Because There Was a Navy SEAL Behind Her

Posted: Aug 04, 2016 10:15 AM

Several of the family members of the men who died defending their comrades in Benghazi, Libya have insisted that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed the “spontaneous” ambush on an offensive YouTube video that mocked Muslims. Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, called Clinton a liar at the Republican National Convention last month for trying to argue she never mentioned a video to her. This week, the father of fallen Benghazi soldier Tyrone Woods, Charles Woods, said more of the same. Either she’s a liar, Woods explained, or she’s still suffering from a head injury. He read from a journal he kept in which he noted what she told him that day – that she was going to hold the filmmaker responsible.

Woods’ widow Dorothy Woods spoke to radio host Hugh Hewitt Thursday morning about the controversy. Woods admits Clinton never mentioned the YouTube video to her following the tragedy, yet the widow has a sneaking suspicion why.

“She did not,” Mrs. Woods said. “I know that there are other family members who have said that. I can’t attest to that, but I know that she did not to me. And sometimes, I wonder if it’s because I had a big Navy SEAL standing behind me, and guys who also had worked with Ty from the agency. I don’t know. But she did not.”

As for the larger SEAL community, Woods said they have no faith in Clinton as president.

HH: And the SEAL community of which Ty was a member, and you are yourself a veteran, when they talk to you, do they have confidence in her as commander-in-chief?

DW: No, they do not.

Woods herself said the former secretary of state has no business running for the White House because her inaction in Benghazi is all too telling.

“And if she did this to these guys, she’s going to do it again,” Woods insisted. “She did this to me, and I can say that I take it personally. And I tell people, you know, I am a woman, I am a mother, I’m an immigrant, I’m a veteran. I am her demographic. She did this to me. She will do this again. I believe that. That is my personal opinion.”