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ICYMI: Clinton Campaign Manager Laughs When Asked When Hillary's Next Presser Is

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has not held a press conference in a shamefully long time. Guy alerted us to the half-a-year mark in June. It’s now up to 260 days.


Ask her campaign manager Robby Mook about it and you’ll be greeted with giggles.

When Washington Post editorial board editor Ruth Marcus asked if the press conference blackout would continue into a Clinton administration, Mook again laughed it off.

“I will not speculate about anything after the election because I’ll be on vacation,” he said.

“I’m saying that I can’t even tell you what we’re doing 10 days from now, we make these decisions on a rolling basis,” he said.

GOP nominee Donald Trump mocked Clinton for her fear of the media during his own presser this week. “I think it’s time” to hold one, he challenged his opponent.

The last time Clinton tried to hold a press conference, it was a disaster. In addition to the awful optics of her outfit, which many pundits compared to an orange jumpsuit, Clinton did herself no favors by dismissing questions about her email server and joking whether the press meant she had “wiped it with a cloth?”

The potential for gaffes can help explain why Clinton prefers pre-taped, sit down interviews. As November nears, however, voters will demand she be more transparent.

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