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Report: Sanders Will Not Be Nominating Hillary on Convention Floor Tonight

Update: It turns out he did.

Former 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is expected to be sitting in his family box and not standing with the Vermont delegates on the convention floor during the roll call at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night, Fox News is reporting.


In other words, Democrats will not experience the same Kumbaya moment they did in 2008 when Hillary Clinton nominated her former opponent Barack Obama, elevating him to reach the delegate threshold he needed. That honor this time around will be given to Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski.

Sanders has endorsed Clinton for president and told his supporters Monday night during his DNC speech to vote for her in November. Yet, it appears he is not ready to go so far as to be the one to guarantee her the nomination. 

The Vermont senator's supporters are justifiably frustrated over a primary process that seemed anything but democratic. They did, however, make themselves heard on Monday night, booing and jeering at any speaker that dared to suggest we elect Hillary Clinton in November.


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