It’s Not Just Trump Who’s Struggling With Hispanics

Posted: Jul 13, 2016 8:30 AM

A subtle part of a new poll from GenForward about Hillary Clinton's struggles with young people in the weeks leading up to the presidential election is this little tidbit.

Just 26% of young whites and 49% of Hispanics have a positive opinion of the former secretary of state. Both groups overwhelmingly say she is not trustworthy.

These poor statistics were tallied even without controversial remarks about illegal immigration.

Certainly, GOP nominee Donald Trump’s pledge to build a wall to keep "rapists" and "drug dealers" out of the country during his presidential announcement last year did not sit well with Hispanics – and the numbers showed. In February, a Washington Post-Univision poll found that 80 percent viewed him unfavorably. Yet, his polling is on the same pace as that of Mitt Romney and John McCain, the last two Republican presidential nominees, suggesting his rhetoric didn't drastically damage his standing with the demographic.

Clinton is already having a hard time appealing to Millennials - can she win without a strong showing of Hispanic supporters?