Backlash: Nearly a Dozen States Sue Obama Admin Over Bathroom Mandate

Posted: May 25, 2016 4:00 PM
Backlash: Nearly a Dozen States Sue Obama Admin Over Bathroom Mandate

Texas was the first state to push back against the Obama administration's transgender bathroom mandate, which requires pubic schools to let students use whichever bathroom or locker room corresponds to their "gender identity." Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick vowed to challenge the ordinance because it marked "the end of the public school system." Gov. Greg Abbott was also not happy with the White House, insisting that President Obama was "not a king."

Now, 10 other states are joining the Lone Star State in a lawsuit against the White House, two of which have Democratic governors.

The state of Texas is the lead plaintiff and was joined by Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah and Georgia, plus the Arizona Department of Education and the governor of Maine.

The pro-family group Family Research Council applauded these states' efforts.

"We commend Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and these 10 other states for resisting the president's locker room and bathroom decree that sacrifices the privacy and safety of children.

"In President Obama's final drive to fundamentally transform America, he has pushed aside the concerns of parents and schools, the privacy and safety of students, and ignored the boundaries of his constitutional power.

Good for these states for not remaining silent while President Obama tries to impose his radical political agenda into our schools. Families are also pushing back, knowing that this new policy would allow boys who identify as girls to change in the same locker rooms as their daughters.

Target issued a similar bathroom policy, only to see their stock tumble

I guess it will be news to the Obama White House that Americans care about safety more than political correctness.