Mysteriously MIA: State Department Can't Find Emails From Hillary's IT Guy

Posted: May 09, 2016 7:00 PM

The State Department can't seem to find correspondences relating to Hillary Clinton's former IT specialist at the State Department, Bryan Pagliano. While the agency's spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said they've located archived emails, all emails dated from sent or received from May 1, 2009, to Feb. 1, 2013, are mysteriously missing. Yet, Trudeau ensured reporters the department is vigorously looking.

“We are continuing to search for Mr. Pagliano’s emails,” Trudeau told reporters on Monday. “We are conducting a thorough search.”

Pagliano, you'll remember, is the guy who set up that infamous private server. Any emails to or from him are bound to be relevant in the FBI investigation. Yet, they're MIA. 

Maybe he wiped them with a cloth.

Pagliano was given a pass in March when the Justice Department granted him immunity as a thank you for cooperating in the investigation.

Just last week we found out how easy it was for foreign entities to hack into Clinton's private server during her tenure as secretary of state. If the Obama administration really wanted to get to the bottom of how badly Clinton jeopardized our national security, they could at least be more convincing.