2016 RACE ROUNDUP: No Filter for Trump and Clinton Rhetoric After Wisconsin

Posted: Apr 06, 2016 2:45 PM
2016 RACE ROUNDUP: No Filter for Trump and Clinton Rhetoric After Wisconsin

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders were decisive winners in Wisconsin Tuesday night, both claiming double-digit victories over frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It was one of few recent defeats for Trump, and the seventh loss for Clinton. 

Republican Primary

Donald Trump: Based on his campaign’s response, it’s safe to say Trump was not happy with last night’s results. Instead of conceding Wisconsin to Cruz, Trump likened the Texas senator to a “Trojan Horse being used by party bosses.” Trump may have even more to say after seeing a new crop of unflattering polls, like this one from Mason-Dixon that shows he is tied with Hillary Clinton in the red state of Mississippi. Then, there's this Pew Research Center survey that shows just 38 percent of GOP voters say the party would unite behind him if he becomes the nominee.

Ted Cruz: At his victory party, Cruz told voters that Wisconsin was a “turning point” in the 2016 election. The Club for Growth PAC, which is endorsing Cruz, went one step further, saying in a statement that Wisconsin marks the "beginning of the end” for Trump. New reports suggest the group has a point and that Wisconsin was not a fluke. A national Reuters-Ipsos survey shows him neck-and-neck with Trump, meaning the businessman’s former 20-point lead has vanished.

John Kasich: With his distant third place finish, Kasich did not pick up any delegates in Wisconsin. Yet, he continues to ignore Trump’s and Cruz’s demands he leave the race and is placing all his hopes on a contested convention.

Democratic Primary

Hillary Clinton, clearly frustrated about her loss in Wisconsin, appeared on “Morning Joe” Wednesday morning to question Sanders’ presidential ambitions.He just “hasn’t done his homework” on the issues, she argued. The fact that her team just opened a campaign headquarters in Indiana is an indication they expect the primary to be a long one. Meanwhile, Bill is campaigning in upstate New York to tout his wife’s education policies and national security record. New York could be the state that “matters most” in the primary, he said.

Bernie Sanders pulled off another convincing win last night. His campaign has a new ad out in New York that highlights his endorsement from Erica, the daughter of Eric Garner, the African-American male who was killed by police via chokehold in New York City two years ago. The ad features a clip of Sanders protesting at a civil rights rally in the 1960s. “He’s not scared to go up against the criminal justice system,” Erica says in the ad.

Delegate Count


Clinton - 1,748

Sanders - 1,058

Primary Schedule 

Saturday - Democratic primary in Wyoming