Obama Calls Cruz's Muslim Surveillance Proposal 'Un-American'

Posted: Mar 23, 2016 12:30 PM
Obama Calls Cruz's Muslim Surveillance Proposal 'Un-American'

Speaking in Buenos Aires during his trip to Argentina Wednesday, President Obama indicated that he and Argentinian President Mauricio Macri are committed to defeating ISIS in the wake of the Brussels terror attack.

“The world has to be united against terrorism,” Obama said.

The two leaders announced they are working together to choke off terror finances. President Macri, Obama proudly announced, is also contributing to peacekeeping missions and is helping to address the Syrian refugee process.

Our president then talked about the need to combat climate change and protect the planet for their children and grandchildren.

Minutes later, Obama took questions from the press on the fight against terror. He responded to some of the GOP presidential candidates' recent comments. 

"When I hear someone say we should carpet bomb Iraq and Syria...that would likely be an extraordinary mechanism for ISIS to recruit," Obama said. "That's not a smart strategy."

In regards to the surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods, a policy candidate Sen. Ted Cruz suggested we renew on Tuesday, Obama said he's got it all wrong.

"Any approach that would single them out, is not only wrong an un-American, but also would be counterproductive," the president said.

Obama is still facing heat for choosing to attend a baseball game in Cuba instead of returning to the White House or flying straight to Brussels as Belgium mourned their dead.