Nonwhite Millennials Overwhelmingly Choose Sanders

Posted: Feb 20, 2016 7:15 PM

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Hillary Clinton told CBS' Scott Pelley she has "always tried" to tell Americans the truth. Well, those Americans aren't buying it.

In the latest NBC News exit polls from Saturday's Nevada Caucus, the vast majority of voters who chose "honesty" as the most important quality to look for in a candidate, chose Sanders.

Clinton's consistent issue with Millennials was also a factor in today's vote. Nonwhite voters under 45 went 68 percent for Sanders, 28 for Clinton. Overall, 76 percent of young people chose the self-described democratic socialist.

The NBC News Entrance Poll finds the strong support Bernie Sanders received among young voters in Iowa and New Hampshire followed him to Nevada. Overall, three in four caucus-goers (76 percent) supported him today over Hillary Clinton. Sanders earns similar levels of support from both men (79 percent) and women (73 percent) in this age group.

So, the Clinton campaign not only needs to work on her trustworthiness, but on reaching out to young people and minority voters, the latter of which was a demographic that was assumed to be a lock for her when she entered the race. 

Looking at these statistics, can Democrats still call her their inevitable nominee?