Sanders Sounds Off On Hillary: "You Aren't In The White House Yet"

Posted: Feb 11, 2016 10:00 PM
Sanders Sounds Off On Hillary: "You Aren't In The White House Yet"

Thursday night’s Democratic debate on CNN, held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was full of side eyes and shouts between contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Viewers knew the event was going to be heated after Clinton lost the New Hampshire primary by double digits to the democratic socialist. With a convincing victory under his belt, Sanders had the momentum – and it showed. He was much more aggressive in his criticisms of Clinton’s record.

The first fireworks came during a discussion of health care. PBS moderators Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff asked Clinton and Sanders to weigh in on how they would ensure Americans can afford their medical bills. Clinton indicated she would continue on the success of Obamacare, then repeated her attacks on Sanders’ plans. He has advocated for people to pay $500 more in taxes to in return get a reduction of $5,000 on their health plans.

Clinton claimed such an idea is equal to “starting all over” on the work President Obama has done.

Sanders was visibly offended that Clinton told voters he wants to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

“I have fought my entire life to make sure health care is a right for all people,” he responded. “I don’t know what economists Hillary Clinton is talking to.”

Then came this moment during a discussion on the two candidates’ plans to expand government. Fed up with Clinton’s arrogant air of assumption she will be the nominee, Sanders reminded her of one thing:

I hope you noticed her smirk.

The two candidates continued to spar over other issues over the next hour and a half, including immigration, Social Security, foreign policy and campaign finance. 

With such a strong following in the south, Hillary Clinton is expected to win the South Carolina primary on Feb. 27 and perhaps put New Hampshire behind her. 

Yet, we now know Sanders is capable of pulling off surprises. Whatever happens, his supporters will likely be pleased with his passionate performance in Milwaukee tonight.