Christie: Obama, Hillary Have 'Made Law Enforcement The Enemy'

Posted: Jan 28, 2016 10:45 PM

In a tense discussion over national security, Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly asked Chris Christie for his thoughts on racial profiling during Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate. In the relevant exchange, Kelly pressed the New Jersey governor about whether police have the right to engage in profiling to combat terrorism, referencing the tragedy in San Bernardino. Christie refused to defend profiling, but did say citizens should by all means use “common sense” if they have suspicions.

He went to say the core problem is that President Obama and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton have turned their backs on law enforcement.

“And here's the problem in this country right now. The problem is that Barack Obama has made law enforcement the enemy, Hillary Clinton has made law enforcement the enemy. They are not supporting our law enforcement officers, it is making everybody nervous to get out of their cars if you are a law enforcement officer. It is making people in neighborhoods nervous to go to law enforcement.”

Christie’s message is clear: If Americans are scared of the people who are supposed to protect them and anyone with a badge now feels like they have a target on their back, we have a serious problem. If we are afraid of each other, how are we to unite and defeat terror?