TN Rep: Restaurant Owner Spent ‘Sleepless Nights’ Trying to Overcome Obamacare Costs Before Closing Business

Posted: Dec 10, 2015 7:30 AM
TN Rep: Restaurant Owner Spent ‘Sleepless Nights’ Trying to Overcome Obamacare Costs Before Closing Business

Guy already brought us the unfortunate, yet unsurprising news that the president’s Affordable Care Act has cost Americans about two million jobs.

Some of those lost salaries came from Noshville Deli, a restaurant that had stood for 19 years in Nashville, Tennessee. Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) described what a shame it was that such a previously thriving business had to close up shop thanks in part to Obamacare’s stifling regulations and costs.

"We saw a real-life picture of the damage of Obamacare in my home state of Tennessee when a Music City institution – the Noshville Deli – announced this week that it would close its doors after 19 years because of the onerous mandates and high costs of this law.

The restaurant’s owner, Tom Loventhal, said that 'The administrative time and costs of managing mandated health insurance in the restaurant industry create an untenable burden, and that’s before the cost of premiums.'

He goes on to say, 'I’ve spent many hours, including some sleepless nights trying to find a solution, but I can’t find one.'”

Loventhal’s story proves that Obamacare’s negative impact on the country is more than a number. He is one of many people losing their livelihoods as a result of the president's health care overhaul.

Black praised Congress’ reconciliation bill as a means of scaling back the damage Obamacare has done on small businesses and already struggling Americans across the country and hoped the president would come to his senses and put away his veto pen.

For now, the Tennessee representative told her Democratic colleagues to consider the Noshville Deli before ever singing Obamacare's praises again.

"And the next time my colleagues across the aisle want to call Obamacare a “jobs bill” – as Leader Pelosi infamously said – I would invite them to come to the Noshville Deli, where they can get a good meal, and a healthy dose of reality." 

But they better do it quickly because, thanks to their votes, time for this beloved Nashville icon is running out."