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Quinnipiac: Voters Give Hillary a 'Chilly' Reception in Colorado

A key swing state is giving Hillary Clinton the cold shoulder. Quinnipiac surveyed 1,262 Colorado voters from November 11-15 and discovered they want anyone but her.


The former Secretary of State’s favorability numbers, the poll finds, are worse than Donald Trump’s. She has a negative 33-61 percent favorable rating, compared to Trump's negative of 34-58 percent. Her honesty numbers are even less flattering. While 30 percent of Coloradoans say Clinton is honest, 67 percent say they don’t trust her.

"A chilly if not frigid reception for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her second quest for the White House," said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Her marks only get worse from there. When paired against the Republican candidates, Clinton loses soundly each time.

Colorado voters back any leading Republican contender over Clinton by wide margins:

Rubio over Clinton 52 - 36 percent;

Carson leads Clinton 52 - 38 percent;

Cruz tops Clinton 51 - 38 percent;

Trump beats Clinton 48 - 37 percent.


Meanwhile, Colorado voters have saved their warm welcome for Republican Ben Carson. He not only received a quarter of the vote in the general election survey, but he gets a positive trustworthy rating of 57 percent.

Colorado's distrust of Clinton is evident of the nation as a whole. Her changing story regarding her use of private server during her tenure as secretary of state is largely why voters gave her her lowest honesty score ever this August, a mere 34 percent, and most people chose "liar" when asked what word best describes her.


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