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In 1999, Donald Trump told Meet the Press host Tim Russert he was “very pro-choice” and would not ban partial-birth abortion as president, yet he hated the concept of abortion. With that context, Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly asked the business mogul when he decided he was a Republican. Ouch:


“Since then, I’ve very much evolved,” he said. “What happened is friends of mine years ago were going to have the child and it was going to be aborted. It wasn’t aborted and that child today is a total superstar. A great, great child. And I saw that, and I saw other instances and I am very, very proud to say that I am pro-life.”


He better hope so. In the earlier, 5 p.m. debate featuring the candidates ranked 11 to 17, moderator Martha MacCullum posed a similar question to George Pataki, reminding him that a pro-choice candidate has not won a GOP primary in 35 years. 

With Planned Parenthood in the news for its abhorrent practices behind closed doors, it's more important than ever that the GOP nominee be a pro-life leader willing to stand and speak for the unborn and, at the very least, halt any taxpayer funding of the country's leading abortion provider.


As for Sen. Marco Rubio, he sounded very convincing on the subject:

“I think every single human being is entitled to our laws. Whether they can vote or not, whether they can speak or not, whether they can hire a lawyer or not, whether they have a birth certificate or not. And I think future generations will look back at this history of our country and call us barbarians for murdering millions of babies and never gave them a chance to live.”


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