Landrieu Defends Comment that Louisianans are Sexist and Racist, Calls it ‘Historic Fact’

Posted: Dec 02, 2014 10:15 AM
Landrieu Defends Comment that Louisianans are Sexist and Racist, Calls it ‘Historic Fact’

You may recall when Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) referred to her own constituents as sexist and racist for disagreeing with President Obama’s policies. Surely, she apologized for those comments - especially so soon before the all-important runoff election on December 6, right? Not quite.

During her last debate with her GOP challenger Bill Cassidy on Monday night in Baton Rouge, LA, Landrieu doubled down on her insensitive comments:

Landrieu said her words were taken out of context, and that she prefaced the comment by saying Obama was unpopular with some people in Louisiana because of his energy policies. However, she didn't back away from the statement that race and gender issues have played a role in Southern politics.

"I will make no apology for historic fact," Landrieu said. Cassidy "has spun (her words) out of context for his own political benefit."

I’m sure Bayou State residents really appreciate their Senator reminding them of their potentially sullied past. Aren’t leaders supposed to highlight their constituents’ successes, not their failures? Their values, not their vices?

With rude statements like these, it’s no wonder Landrieu is down by double digits, according to recent polls. The Washington Post’s Chris Cilizza, along with many other political pundits, are left wondering, “What the heck happened to Mary Landrieu?” In addition to her questionable debate performances and interviews, Cilizza suggests Landrieu was the ‘victim of a failed strategy,’ banking on the fact she was going to win the general election and therefore spending too much too early.

Nevertheless, Landrieu acted as if nothing was amiss at Monday’s debate, hoping she could make a scandal out of reports that Cassidy may have billed Louisiana State University for work he didn’t do and hid these records from the voters.

“My opponent spent 18 months hiding from voters.”

In response to these reports, LSU is reviewing its part-time arrangement with Cassidy.

Cassidy had his own ammunition against Landrieu, however, hammering her for using taxpayer dollars to fly to fundraisers. Landrieu said these were mere bookkeeping mistakes and her campaign has since returned the improperly used money.

Landrieu may like to bring up the past, but if early voting is any indication, her leadership in Louisiana may also soon be a part of history.