Uh Oh: Obama Losing Influence in His Home States

Posted: Aug 09, 2014 5:00 PM
Uh Oh: Obama Losing Influence in His Home States

If this video didn't say it all, the polls certainly do. Despite the White House's active engagement in President Obama's home states of Illinois and Hawaii, it's safe to say Obama's charm has worn off in his state and childhood homes.

The proof? Just take a look at these unfortunate findings:

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn trails Republican businessman Bruce Rauner in recent polls, while Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie is being crushed in sparse polling ahead of this Saturday’s Democratic primary against a little-known state senator, David Ige. And even if Abercrombie wins on Saturday, he starts the race behind Republican Duke Aiona, thanks in part to a third candidate on the ballot.

Quinn's loss would be an embarrassment of historic proportions. No incumbent governor from the president's home state has lost since 1892.

Naturally, the Obamas are now trying to stir up some support for these vulnerable governors. The president is featured in a radio ad for Abercrombie and, at a recent fundraiser, the First Lady declared they will do everything they can to get Quinn "over the finish line." Quinn's communication director Brooke Anderson insists the people of Illinois still admire the president and says his support will only help their campaign. Based on the recent surveys, though, it doesn't seem like voters will be all that impressed with the White House's blessing.

Perhaps Hawaii and Illinois have joined the rest of America in realizing the president has overstepped his authority on one too many occasions. Let me pause a moment to let Chicago residents speak for themselves:

“[Barack] is gonna go down as being one of the worst presidents ever.”

With comments like this, if I were Quinn or Ambercrombie, I'd think twice about buoying the president's endorsement.