Actor: Obama Doesn’t Even Share a ‘Nodding Acquaintance’ With the Constitution

Posted: Apr 30, 2014 2:30 PM

James Woods’ Twitter account reads “I just love my country. I love America.” It’s no surprise then, that the actor knows when someone isn’t respecting the Constitution.

Woods’ frustration toward the president comes after reading an article in the USA Today warning that Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate could turn into an all-out abortion mandate. The law forces employers to offer abortion-inducing drugs to their employees even if doing so violates their religious consciences – such as seen in the case being waged by the Christian owners of the arts and crafts store Hobby Lobby. Now, legislators in Washington state are trying to cut out the middle man in an egregious attempt to directly cover abortions through their health plans:

Earlier this year, Washington State tried to be the first. HB 2148, Washington's Reproductive Parity Act, would require any health plan that covers maternity care to cover elective, surgical abortions also. The bill is supported by a majority of the Washington legislature and the governor. It is stalled — for now — in the Senate Health Care Committee.

The reach of this abortion mandate would be extensive, because current federal laws require almost all insurance plans to cover maternity services. Washington State stands ready to require almost every business in the state to cover elective abortions.

The contraception mandate is already a clear breach of the First Amendment. If bills such as HB 2148 see the light of day, I'd hesitate to continue calling America the "land of the free." If anything, at least this mess has proven that there is at least one patriot in Hollywood.

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