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His Democratic colleagues ignored him. Others even mocked him. But, now, congressmen who accused him of fearmongering are holding their tongues, for everything Senator Mike Enzi (R-Wy.) predicted about Obamacare has turned out to be true. Megyn Kelly brought Sen. Enzi on her show Tuesday to list for viewers his completely accurate warnings back in September 2010.

1. “Americans will eventually be forced to buy the kind of health insurance the federal government thinks you should have.”


2. “Employers will be less likely to hire new workers and probably even lay off workers.”


3. “Most businesses the administration estimates between 39 and 69 percent will not be able to keep the coverage that they have.”


4. “This new regulation appears to ignore the impact it will have in the real world. it’ll drive up costs and reduce the number of people who will have insurance.”


No, Enzi’s not a psychic. He’s just got a lot of common sense.

Kelly, after marveling at Enzi’s 100 percent accurate predictions and his being one of the only senators to actually read the health care legislation, spoke with the senator about his attempt to repeal the provision of Obamacare that would have allowed Americans to keep the insurance they want. Yet, as he explained, every single Democrat voted against it.

Guess his friends on the Hill will listen next time.

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