Injustice: UK Doctors Caught Arranging Sex-Selective Abortions Face No Prosecution

Posted: Sep 12, 2013 12:30 PM

“It’s like female infanticide, isn’t it?”

Even Dr. Raf Mohan at the Calthorpe Clinic in Edgbaston, Birmingham acknowledged that the sex selection abortion procedure he was agreeing to was an intentional killing practice. He, along with another abortionist in the United Kingdom, was exposed during an undercover investigation stating he would be willing to perform an abortion based on the mother’s gender preference, insisting the patient claim she was having the procedure for a less controversial reason. Despite the unnerving findings, The Crown Prosecution Service has stated it’s not in the “public interest” to prosecute these doctors.

From The Daily Telegraph:

The Daily Telegraph mounted an investigation and published its results in February last year. Acting on specific information, undercover reporters accompanied pregnant women to nine clinics in different parts of the country.

In two cases doctors were filmed offering to arrange terminations after being told the mother-to-be did not want to go ahead with the pregnancy because of the sex of the unborn child.

One consultant, Prabha Sivaraman, who worked for both private clinics and NHS hospitals in Manchester, was recorded telling a woman: “I don’t ask questions. If you want a termination, you want a termination.”

Mohan and Sivaraman did not go through with the terminations, but the CPS concluded there was enough evidence to prosecute them for an attempted breach of the Abortion Act, an act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom legalizing abortions by registered practitioners, and regulating the free provision of such medical practices through the National Health Service. However, Jenny Hopkins, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for London, said it “would not be in the public interest” to prosecute these abortionists.

“Taking into account the need for professional judgment which deals firmly with wrongdoing, while not deterring other doctors from carrying out legitimate and medically justified abortions, we have concluded that the cases would be better dealt with by the GMC rather than by prosecution.”

The General Medical Council oversees the conduct of doctors, yet has no criminal powers and cannot prosecute breaches of the law. Therefore, it looks like these abortionists are getting off scot-free.

Sex-selective abortion is a common practice in nations like China, where boys are often considered more preferable than girls for cultural or economic reasons, according to the Daily Telegraph. But, with this recent report from the UK and evidence the barbaric practice has been chillingly exposed in our own country, it’s apparent this is a worldwide problem.

All babies -- boy or girl -- are equally precious and each deserves his or her right to life. Our ensuring them this right is in our public interest.

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