Oh Come On: Roy Moore Still Hasn't Conceded

Posted: Dec 19, 2017 10:05 PM
Oh Come On: Roy Moore Still Hasn't Conceded

It's been a week since Republican Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate special election to Democrat Doug Jones. Moore has yet to actually officially concede the race and admit that he lost. While a concession isn't required, it is a customary gesture and it's quite strange that Moore has yet to do so. 

Even more interestingly (or disturbingly), Moore is apparently continuing to fundraise for an "election integrity fund" that purportedly needs $75,000. He claims to have already raised nearly $50,000 and sent out the email on Monday, six days after losing the election. 

However, despite claims of "voting irregularities," the Moore campaign has yet to file anything with the Alabama secretary of state. Alabama uses voter ID and there are no credible reports of any sort of widespread voter fraud. 

This is ridiculous, and it's time for this to go away. It was wrong when Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein attempted to pull similar garbage last year, and it's wrong now. Roy Moore lost the election. He lost because he was a flawed candidate and he did a terrible job at combating the allegations against him. These are facts.

Enough is enough.