Three Pastors Say They Did Not Sign Letter Supporting Roy Moore

Posted: Nov 14, 2017 1:30 PM

Multiple pastors who purportedly signed a letter saying they support Roy Moore's candidacy for Senate say that they had in fact not signed the letter and they do not want their names or churches listed. The letter was posted on Facebook by Moore's wife, Kayla on Sunday. 

Of the people listed as signatories, is reporting that Tijuanna Adetunji of Fresh Anointing House of Worship in Montgomery, AL and Pastor Thad Endicott of Heritage Baptist Church in Opelika, AL did not give permission for their names to be included on this list. Additionally, Fox10 says that Pastor Joseph Smith of Pine Air Baptist Church in Grand Bay, AL similarly did not give permission for his name or church to be listed on that letter. Smith says that he never formally endorsed Moore, and only told the campaign during the runoff period that he was supporting Moore over Luther Strange. 

The letter appears to be an edited version of one that was posted by the Moore campaign during the primary, in early August. The list of pastors of that letter is the same as the one posted on Facebook by Kayla Moore, yet the timing of the re-release made it look as though it was written (and signed) in light of the accusations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore. 

Kayla Moore has not edited her original post, despite the pastors' requests to remove their names and churches. 

Since the allegations against Roy Moore came to light, many prominent Republicans, including Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), and President Donald Trump have said that they feel as though he should drop out of the race. The NRSC also severed all fundraising ties with the Moore campaign. 

It's misleading at best and purposefully deceitful at worst to share this letter without proper context as to when it was written and signed, and it's also pretty bad to include people as supporters who aren't. This should be explained and amended, promptly.