On Hillary Clinton's Birthday, Here's A Throwback To Last Year's 'Future President' Tweet

Posted: Oct 26, 2017 8:25 AM

Today, Thursday, is Hillary Clinton's 70th birthday. While I'm sure everyone hopes she at least has a pleasant day, it's worth noting that this year's birthday is definitely not playing out as she imagined last year. 

Namely, there was this extremely premature tweet from last year's birthday, where she posted an admittedly adorable throwback picture of herself, saying "Happy birthday to this future president." At this point in the race, Clinton was overwhelmingly the odds-on favorite to win the presidency and her victory seemed all but decided. 

Ooof. This tweet aged about as well as an avocado. 

As we all now know, about two weeks later Clinton would be defeated in what was probably the biggest upset in American political history and lost the presidency to now-President Donald J. Trump. It turned out that the future president's birthday would actually be June 14, not October 26. 

Happy birthday, Hillary!