Bernie Sanders Laughs Off Hillary's Claim He Stole Her Ideas

Posted: Sep 08, 2017 9:30 AM

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) laughed off Hillary Clinton's claim in her new book "What Happened" that he essentially stole her ideas and repackaged them to appear hipper and more progressive. Appearing on "All In with Chris Hayes" on MSNBC, Sanders was asked by Hayes to comment on Clinton's book where she likens his policy proposals to a scene from the film "There's Something About Mary." Clinton said that every time she came out with a policy, Sanders would counter it with something "even bigger, loftier, and leftier" that may have not been realistic. 

"I.e. Bernie Sanders just stole all of Hillary Clinton's ideas...does anyone really believe that?" countered Sanders. Sanders explained that while the ideas he proposed during the campaign may have been considered to be radical at the time, they have since become mainstream. 

Watch the clip below: 

I mean, Sanders has a point, and I would be pretty peeved by this if I were him as well. Sanders was certainly the outsider candidate in the 2016 Democratic primary, and his ideas were pretty different than the typical Democratic platform at the time--he pushed for single-payer healthcare, among other things. He played a role in pushing the Democratic Party further to the left, for sure, but to say he tried to steal all of Clinton's ideas and give them the "seven-minute abs" treatment is just simply not the case. 

Clinton's book "What Happened" will be released on September 12. It'll be interesting to see if she continues to blame Sanders for her stunning loss this past November.