Oh, Okay: German Police Found 5,000 Ecstasy Tablets Shaped Like Donald Trump

Posted: Aug 22, 2017 9:30 AM

Some odd news out of Germany on Monday, where police in the German state of Lower Saxony discovered about 5,000 Ecstasy tablets shaped to resemble President Donald Trump. The Polizei Osnabrück (Onsabruck Police) Facebook page shared a picture of the drugs and a large amount of cash that was recovered. A father and son were arrested.

The pills were stamped with a picture of Trump's head on one side (complete with the distinctive hairstyle) and were printed with five stars and "TRUMP" on the back. The pills are produced in the Netherlands. 

A translation of the post says that the drugs were discovered when a car was inspected by the police. The two men claimed that they were going to buy a car in the Netherlands, but that story fell apart upon the discovery of the drugs. Their car was then confiscated and towed. According to the police, the drugs had a street value of about 39,000 euros, which is about $45,000 USD.

The Autobahnpolizei Osnabrück had once again the right smell on Saturday!

On Saturday, around 9 pm, she checked on the A30 at Hasbergen / Gaste, a car with Austrian approval, which was traveling towards Hanover.

In the Peugeot 307, the father and son (51 y. And 17 y.), Who were reported to have been in the Netherlands for a vehicle purchase, were sitting.

The purchase had not come about and one was now on the return trip to the Alps Republic.

In the control of the car the officials found 5000 Ecstasy tablets, with the portrait of the American President Donald J. Trump.

In addition, a larger amount of cash was also secured.

The two men were arrested, the car confiscated and towed.

The purchase value of the tablets is about 11,000 euros, the sales value is about 39,000 euros.

On Sunday, the two men were led to a judge who issued a warrant for arrest.

This bust was not the first time Trump-shaped tablets had been spotted in Europe. In July, the Daily Mail reported that the drugs had been spotted in the U.K., where they were sold both online and on the streets.

Goodbye to My Brother -- for Now
David Limbaugh

Curiously enough, Trump is not the first U.S. president to have been featured on Ecstasy tablets. In 2009, tablets featuring the profile of then-President Barack Obama were discovered in Texas.

Maybe everyone should take a page from former First Lady Nancy Reagan's book and "Just Say No."