Russia and Ukraine are Fighting on Twitter with GIFs

Posted: Aug 03, 2017 5:30 PM

Russia had a rather unique reaction on Twitter to the recently-signed sanctions bill: a video of a folk festival set to a metal song. The video features images of people at what looks like a renaissance faire-type event, before concluding with fireworks. (Yeah, it's kind of bizarre.) 

 "Whoever comes to us with sanctions, from sanctions will perish. We dedicate this video to those who try to hurt us with new sanctions!"  


Ukraine, ever the spunky Twitter persona, had its own interpretation of Russia's tweet. In their reply, the country tweeted a GIF from South Park featuring Butters Stotch dressed as a Game of Thrones character and getting hit by a wooden sword, and reminded Russia that "If you'd respected international law, you would've avoided sanctions & would've been sending missions to Mars now, not running with sticks."

Okay, dannnnng, Ukraine. That's hitting them where it hurts. 

Granted, Ukraine has every right to be angry with Russia, but it's a bit of a weird world where countries are both on Twitter and also using GIFs and videos to communicate. Better than actual weapons, I guess? 

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