Ukraine Joins Twitter; Adorably Asks For Other Countries to Follow Them

Posted: Jun 03, 2016 2:00 PM

The country of Ukraine finally got with the times and joined Twitter on Thursday (tweeting as @Ukraine), and their first tweet was nothing short of adorable:

Canada, in typical Canadian niceness form, followed back (although only on the official English-language account @Canada and not the French @AuCanada), and did its best to twitroduce Ukraine to the U.K., Australia, Lithuania, and Israel.

Poland also followed back, and Ukraine expressed gratitude by saying "Dziekujemy," which means "thank you" in Polish.

Ukraine also thanked several other countries for following in their native tongues:

And, proving that they're very fast learners when it comes to Twitter, Ukraine posted a #TGIF tweet on Friday and insisted that Ukrainians are party animals.

The country has about 7,800 followers at press time, a number that is certain to grow as the entertaining tweets continue. Ukraine promises to tweet about Ukrainian culture and history.

This is pretty cute and is a very innovative way for a country to maintain an online presence. Ukraine has had a very tough couple of years, and it's good to see other countries step up and associate themselves alongside Ukraine. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ukraine has not yet followed @Russia, although they follow Ukraine.) With so much negativity and destruction in that part of the world, it's nice to see countries sticking together.