Trump Delusion Continues: Check Out This Anti-Trump Aerobics Class

Posted: May 11, 2017 2:55 PM

Two women in San Francisco have created an anti-Trump aerobics class, which was profiled in a video posted by the site Fusion. The two women, Margaret McCarthy and Liat Berdugo, choreographed an entire aerobics class centered around making fun of and "embodying" the current situation with the Trump administration.

Sample aerobics moves include a kick to the chant of "don't buy Ivanka shoes!" and "I believe in science!"

(Language warning.)

While I'm certainly pleased that Michelle Obama's efforts to get Americans healthier and moving more have seemingly outlasted her husband's presidency, this is still rather insane. I mean, good for them for finding an outlet to get out some sort of pent-up aggression in a healthy manner that doesn't involve vandalism or crying, but come on. Politics shouldn't permeate every aspect of a person's life. Not everything has to involve some sort of cause, and I'd argue that it's probably a good idea to just unplug from it all from time to time. In terms of actual bridge building, it probably makes more sense to open a community aerobics class for people of all political persuasions (although this could be tough to find in San Francisco) in order to actually create some sort of relationship outside of a bubble of people who would attend an anti-Trump aerobics class. Surrounding oneself in an echo chamber (or an echo bookstore, if we're getting literal) isn't all that helpful.

I hate to say "this is why Trump won," but...this is a pretty good example of why Trump won.