George W. Bush Praises Media's Influence; Says Immigration Policy Should Be "Welcoming"

Posted: Feb 27, 2017 9:46 AM

Speaking on the "Today" show on Monday, former President George W. Bush didn't directly criticize President Donald Trump, but in thinly-veiled comments said that he thinks the press is "indispensable" to democracy and that he feels as though it's important to be a "welcoming" country. Bush also said that he thinks America should "take [Trump] for his word" on how he wants to unify the country after the divisive 2016 election. After all, the former president said, he's only been in office for a month.


Bush also noted the shifting media landscape since his time in office, telling Matt Lauer that he mattered more during his presidency because there were fewer prominent media outlets at the time. He said that the media has to keep the president, or any leader, accountable, because having power can be "very addictive."