Donald Trump Addresses Rally in Florida; Says Obamacare Replacement Coming

Posted: Feb 18, 2017 7:55 PM

Speaking to a crowd of 9,000 at an airplane hangar in Melbourne, FL, President Donald Trump gave a recap of his first month in office and offered a preview of his upcoming policy proposals.

Trump also took a few shots at the "dishonest media," saying that they continuously write fake stories and tell falsehoods. Trump repeatedly said that the media was refusing to accurate report his administration and that he would continue to work to "expose" them.

On upcoming issues, Trump said that he would have a replacement bill for Obamacare "within a couple of weeks." He also took the judges who overturned his immigration executive order to task, saying that they were not properly doing their jobs.

Trump also invited a supporter on stage to give a brief speech.

Trump repeatedly promised to make America great again, and drew loud cheers when he discussed how drug dealers and criminals were being deported from the United States.

Overall, the speech resembled a typical Trump stump speech, except now he's the president and not a candidate. While it was interesting to see Trump rev up a crowd like he was doing regularly months ago while on the campaign trail, it was still a rather unusual Saturday afternoon activity.

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