NY Post Columnist Who Compared Trump's Inauguration Day To 9/11 Has Been Fired

Posted: Feb 01, 2017 8:15 AM

Bart Hubbuch, the New York Post reporter who tweeted that Donald Trump's inauguration was on the same level of infamy as the attack on Pearl Harbor and 9/11, has been fired for the tweet. Hubbuch announced his firing on Tuesday.

In now-deleted tweets, Hubbuch tweeted "12/7/41. 9/11/01. 1/20/17." He then said that the tweet was "insensitive and wrong" and that he "let emotion get the best of [him]."

Like I said in my post last week, it'd be more understandable if this tweet were sent by someone younger--but Hubbuch is a veteran journalist and really should have a more rational grasp on society. (Or one would think he'd have learned his lesson after he called the New England Patriots organization a bunch of racists back in September, but I guess not.) This tweet was wildly, wildly inappropriate, especially for someone who writes for a New York-based publication.

I guess this is a good lesson for all of us: never tweet.