OSU Assistant Director of Residence Life: Let's Be Compassionate About The Man Who Tried To Kill Us Yesterday

Posted: Nov 29, 2016 6:30 PM

On Monday, Ohio State University student Abdul Razak Ali Artan plowed a car through a group of students and then attacked people with a "big-ass knife" before being shot dead by a university police officer. For one OSU employee, however, it was not okay to celebrate that an attempted killing spree had been foiled: instead, people need to have "compassion" for the person who wanted them dead.

A screenshot of Assistant Director of Office of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson's Facebook page shows a message saying that the attacker must have felt "pain" in his life to be motivated to try to kill his classmates.

ISIS eventually claimed responsibility for the attack.

The kind of rhetoric espoused by this employee is troubling and disturbing. Regardless of how much pain a person may be feeling, it's not an excuse to attempt to murder a group of completely innocent people. A person is still responsible for their actions and nobody should attempt to explain away an attempted massacre. Given that Artan tried to run down a group of people and then hack them to death, it seems odd to extend him compassion and understanding when he clearly lacked it for his classmates.