For God's Sake, Justin Trudeau Isn't Fidel Castro's Illegitimate Child

Posted: Nov 28, 2016 4:20 PM

An odd conspiracy theory currently making its way around the internet suggests that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro. The theory cites the resemblance between the two, Trudeau's height, his mother Margaret's reputation for infidelity, and the Trudeau family's chumminess with Castro during the 1970s as "proof" that Castro is his biological father.

Come on, people. This is absurd.

For starters, that is not Justin Trudeau being held by Castro--it's his younger brother, Michel.

And while there is a bit of an odd resemblance between Justin Trudeau and Castro in certain pictures, there are plenty of others where Justin looks similar to his father, former PM Pierre Trudeau. Justin has many of his father's facial features, namely, his nose and eyes. Justin and his late brother Michel were also very similar looking--and it's pretty darn unlikely that Castro could have fathered both of them. Occam's razor suggests that they had the same parents. This isn't challenging.

While Justin Trudeau's statement on Castro's death was laughably sympathetic, it's pretty on-trend with Trudeau's history of being extremely liberal on various issues--not because Castro was secretly his father.