Effective? Women Go Topless In NYC To Protest Trump

Posted: Nov 23, 2016 2:30 PM

Well, this is a new one: On Saturday, women in New York City staged a topless protest against Donald Trump.

Barstool Sports reporter Kat Timpf was on the scene and took some rather interesting footage. Per Timpf, nobody seemed swayed by the presence of naked breasts to change their mind on Donald Trump.

A woman at the protest lamented that full-blown nudity is illegal in New York City (going topless is not), and therefore couldn't show off her Hillary Clinton-themed pubic hair.

Watch the video here:

(Content warning)

I mean...really? While I guess it's perfectly legal to parade about topless in NYC, is it really going to change anyone's views for the way you want? It'll attract attention, yes (as it obviously did), but this just screams of pettiness and whininess rather than any sort of actual social change. It's far more inspiring to see stories of people who are going into their communities to promote positive change in the wake of Trump's victory than to see a bunch of attention-seeking women with time to kill on a Saturday.