CatholicVote Launches Ad Campaign Highlighting Anti-Catholicism In WikiLeaks Emails

Posted: Nov 02, 2016 12:00 PM

The website CatholicVote is pouring $500,000 into a new ad campaign to alert Catholic voters about the anti-Catholic comments made by Hilary Clinton staffers in the emails released by WikiLeaks. The ads will run in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio, and Florida.

The ad features a clip of Fox News' Megyn Kelly describing the content of the emails, followed by a woman saying that although she was tired of the election, she couldn't let the Clinton campaign get away with mocking Catholics.

Although the ad doesn't specify which candidate people should be voting for, the message that a Clinton presidency would not be friendly to Catholics is made crystal clear.

In mid October, leaked emails revealed that Clinton staffers called the Catholic Church a backwards, medieval dictatorship, and called for a "Catholic Spring" uprising to force the Church to "modernize."

Clinton, nor her running mate, Tim Kaine (who is Catholic), has commented on the contents of the emails. In an interview with Catholic television network EWTN, Republican nominee Donald Trump said that the comments in the emails were also representative of Hillary Clinton, not just her campaign.