Baker Accused of Racism For Oreo Cupcake Called "Mr. President"

Posted: Oct 12, 2016 7:00 PM

A baker in Portland, Oregon is being accused of racism for her Oreo cupcake named "Mr. President." Anjelica Hayes, owner of the bakery Fat Cupcake, said that she named the cupcake "Mr. President" because the black-and-white buttercream and Oreo was reminiscent of formal attire. A Yelp user took offense to the pastry, and urged people to avoid the store as going there would be "supporting racism." Hayes, who herself is from a biracial family, said that she did not mean any offense by the name and was confused as to why there would be backlash.

The cupcake has since been renamed to "The Professional."


Hayes decided to name the cupcake "Mr. President." She later found out President Barack Obama's favorite cookie was the Oreo.

Customers have left Yelp reviews criticizing Hayes of being racist.

"I never thought or intended or could ever imagine it would be taken as an insult. In my mind it would be an honor."

Hayes said she understands customer's concerns, saying racism is something she would never support and has already changed the name of the cupcake to "The Professional."

"We always welcome reviews and comments, every single one. We can't improve without hearing feedback."

First things first: that cupcake looks delicious and baking an Oreo into a cupcake is a genius idea.

Secondly: A quick scan of the menu of Fat Cupcake reveals that the cupcakes there have unorthodox names that are a bit more...unique...than "chocolate," "vanilla," etc. If Hayes says she didn't mean any offense by the cupcake name, I'm inclined to believe her.

According to Hayes, the cupcake remains a top-seller at the store.