A New Poll Shows 32 Percent of People Would Prefer Mike Pence On Top Of The Ticket

Posted: Oct 09, 2016 3:30 PM

A new Morning Consult poll taken after Tuesday's vice presidential debate between Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine has some eye-opening results: About one third of respondents would actually prefer Pence on the top of the ticket instead of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

A full 32 percent of people said they would rather vote for Pence for president, compared to 59 percent who said they would like to vote for Trump.

On the Democratic side, only nine percent of respondents said they would prefer a Kaine presidency to a Hillary Clinton presidency. Eighty-four percent of people said they were fine with Clinton on the top of the ticket.

The poll also found that for those who watched the vice presidential debate, 33 percent had a "much more favorable" view of Pence, and the same percentage had a "much less favorable" view of Kaine. Thirty-eight percent of respondents felt as though Pence won the debate, and only 20 percent thought that Kaine was the victor. (The rest either did not know who won or did not have an opinion.) 

Notably, this poll was taken before decade-old lewd recordings of Trump broke on Friday afternoon. Since then, several prominent Republican leaders have taken steps condemn Trump's statements or to distance themselves from the candidate.