Cincinnati Zoo: Cool It With The Harambe Memes

Posted: Aug 22, 2016 8:15 PM
Cincinnati Zoo: Cool It With The Harambe Memes

Since Harambe the gorilla was shot and killed in May after a child entered his enclosure, he has become a bona fide internet phenomenon.

He's been given shoutouts at golf tournaments...

...exposure at the RNC...

and has even polled ahead of some presidential candidates.

While the internet collectively giggles over Harambe "tributes," his former home isn't too thrilled. The Cincinnati Zoo has asked everyone to please stop with the Harambe memes, saying that the Zoo is still in a time of healing.

Responding, Cincinnati Zoo said the constant mentions were making it difficult for staff to move on.

"Our zoo family is still healing," director Thane Maynard told Associated Press in an email. "We are honouring Harambe by redoubling our gorilla conservation efforts and encouraging others to join us.''

Lately, internet trolls have taken to responding to every single thing the Cincinnati Zoo account tweets with references to Harambe:

While the Cincinnati Zoo may want this to stop, it doesn't look like things will any time soon--especially as he's "polling" ahead of Evan McMullin and Jill Stein.