BREAKING: Shots Fired At Protest in Dallas; UPDATE: Five Officers Have Died

Posted: Jul 07, 2016 10:14 PM

Update: Watch a live feed here:

Update II: Eyewitness reports indicate that the suspect fired directly upon the police cars during the rally. The suspect may have been witnessed in an alley.

Update III (LB): According to an eyewitness at the hospital, one officer arrived with his left arm/shoulder bandaged but was conscious and sitting up. 

Update IV (LB): Fox4 is reporting between three and six officers were injured. 

Update IV: One suspect is reportedly in custody and there are "negotiations" taking place with a second suspect.

Update V: One shooter is "neutralized." Three DART officers have been shot.

Update VI: Dallas Area Rapid Transit is confirming that four officers have been shot, with one killed. The other three have non-life threatening injuries.

Update VII: Three officers, including the DART officer, have been killed, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown. The other two officers were from the Dallas Police Dept. Ten officers total were shot. Three are in critical condition.

According to Brown, there were two snipers who ambushed from an "elevated position." Contrary to prior reports, apparently no suspects are in custody.

UPDATE: VIII (MV): Matt jumping in here now for updates. The Dallas Police Department have released a photo of a person of interest related to this attack. Police Chief David Brown says that 11 total officers have been shot, three have died, and one civilian has been wounded. Chief Brown also mentioned a bomb threat was also made by the shooters.

UPDATE IX (MV): No suspects are in custody. Four officers have now died.

UPDATE X (MV): Man featured in "person on interest" photo has turned himself into the police. SUB-UPDATE (KP): The person of interest sought is not one of the shooters and turned his firearm, which he was legally and openly carrying during the protest, into police. 

UPDATE XI (KP): A suspicious package is being investigated in downtown Dallas. The Dallas bomb squard is on scene. Police have taken both suspects into custody alive and have declared the threat to the public over. 

UPDATE XII (KP): Texas Governor Greg Abbott has released a statement.

UPDATE XIII (KP): Police have updated the public for the last time until the morning. They are currently negotiating with a suspect who is not cooperating and is exchanging gun fire with officers. The remaining suspect has also stated there are bombs "all over a parking garage in which he is hiding. Despite earlier reports, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said they are not confident all suspects have been arrested or taken into custody for questioning. He also stated he believes there are at least four suspects involved, one of whom is a woman in custody. It is still unclear if suspects were part of the Black Lives Matter protest. 

"We still don't have a complete comfort level that we have all the suspects," Brown said Thursday night.

UPDATE XIV (KP): Three suspects are in custody. ATF and FBI agents are on scene and the FAA has issued a flight restriction over downtown as the situation continues to unfold. The police will give no further updates tonight, more in the morning.

UPDATE XV: A fifth police officer has died.

---Original Post---

Reports of shots fired Thursday night at an anti-police shooting rally in Dallas. A crowd was seen fleeing the scene and at least two police officers were seen lying motionless on the ground live on television.

According to Fox Affiliate KDFW, two officers were shot. Their conditions are unknown.

(Content warning: Some of these videos contain gunshots.)

Prior to the shooting, the protest was described as "mostly peaceful," with a small contingent of people yelling anti-police slogans.

There is no confirmation of a shooter down or in custody. Dallas police are reporting that the shooter used a rifle and police returned fire with handguns.

This story has been updated and will be updated as information becomes available.