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Giant Meteor Polling Surprisingly Well

It's hardly a secret that a lot of people aren't exactly thrilled about either major party's candidate for the upcoming election. According to a recent PPP poll, a full 13 percent of the population is hoping for a complete fresh start: their preferred election result in November is "Giant Meteor Hitting the Earth."


An additional seven percent of people polled said that they "weren't sure" between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Giant Meteor, meaning that potentially one out of five people prefers extinction over a potential Trump or Clinton presidency. The giant meteor is also polling better than every third-party candidate in this poll.

The poll found that only 39 and 35 percent of people had favorable opinions of Clinton and Trump, respectively.

It's been a very long campaign season, and there's still plenty of time to go. It's clear that the election is starting to get to people.

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