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'Dilbert' Creator: You Know, Trump's Protestors Are Probably Helping Him

Dilbert creator Scott Adams hasn't been shy about weighing in on his thoughts about the 2016 election. He's been critical of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the past, but his comments on the recent protests in San Jose make a very good point: they're helping Trump.

Other Twitter users chimed in with stories of their own:

While there isn't polling data out on this just yet, he's probably correct in his assessment. The protestors are effectively proving Trump's point, and, by default, making him look pretty good. It simply isn't good optics to show up to a protest and start throwing eggs and tomatoes at people, while brandishing a foreign flag--especially if the thing you're protesting is well-known for anti-immigration rhetoric. All this does is make people angry and energized to support Trump--it hardly makes anyone sympathetic to the cause of the protestors.

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