Michelle Obama Reschedules Kansas High School Graduation Speech

Posted: Apr 25, 2014 1:20 PM
Michelle Obama Reschedules Kansas High School Graduation Speech

After controversy erupted last week over Michelle Obama's presence at Topeka Unified School District 501's graduation ceremony causing a severe inconvenience for parents, the First Lady's speech has been rescheduled and the combined graduation plan has been shelved. Michelle Obama will now speak at a special ceremony for the graduating seniors on May 16, a day before the original speech was scheduled, and the schools will revert to the original plan of having separate graduation ceremonies in lieu of one combined ceremony.

The compromise, announced while President Barack Obama was traveling in Asia, pleased Topeka students and parents who were concerned about being limited to six tickets for family members and the first lady's remarks taking away from the occasion.

"That's awesome. I'm ecstatic," said Tina Hernandez, mother of Topeka High senior Dauby Knight. "It works out for everybody. That makes me more excited for her to come."

Controversy centered not around Michelle Obama's politics, but rather the disruption that her presence would bring to the graduation event. Parents and students alike were reportedly "thrilled" to see the First Lady speak, but were less-than-excited that they would be limited in tickets to the graduation ceremony.

Well done USD 501 on creating a compromise where truly everyone benefits.