In America, "Plan B" Emergency Contraception is Easier To Get Than Cold Medicine

Posted: Nov 13, 2013 1:55 PM

Students for Life of America has released a new video series titled "Expose Plan B." The purpose of the videos is to point out the absurdity that a young teen is permitted to buy Plan B, but not cold medicine. Undercover videos were shot throughout the United States at various pharmacies.

In the video, a young girl is shown attempting to buy Sudafed, an over-the-counter cold medicine, and Plan B, an emergency contraceptive. She is permitted to purchase the Plan B, but is prohibited from purchasing Sudafed as she is not 18 years old. Until recently, Plan B was limited to customers over the age of 17, but a judge's decision in April opened its sale to everyone.

Plan B is essentially a very strong dose of hormones that are found in birth control pills. Birth control pills are not available over the counter and require an exam by a doctor prior to being prescribed.

While Sudafed could be used to create methamphetamine, Plan B could be used to cover up rape. Every state has an age of consent for sexual activity—a young teen buying Plan B may in fact be the victim of statutory rape.

The website for Expose Plan B includes a link to sign a petition urging pharmacies to exercise "common sense" and protect both young teens and parental rights.

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