University Hosting Post-Easter Workshop to Dismantle 'Christian Privilege'

Posted: Apr 03, 2018 3:30 PM
University Hosting Post-Easter Workshop to Dismantle 'Christian Privilege'

On April 5th, George Washington University’s Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC) will host a “training” workshop with students and faculty to help them identify and fight back against “Christian privilege” in the United States.

According to the workshop’s online description, its primary purpose is to spread propaganda that American “Christians receive unmerited perks from institutions and systems all across our country” and have “built-in advantages over non-Christians”:

How do Christians in the USA experience life in an easier way than non-Christians? Even with the separation of Church and State, are there places where Christians have built-in advantages over non-Christians? How do we celebrate Christian identities and acknowledge that Christians receive unmerited perks from institutions and systems all across our country? Let’s reflect upon ways we can live up to our personal and national values that make room for all religious and secular identities on an equal playing field.  All are welcome!

The description also gives a list of the workshop’s intended learning outcomes, which include being able to “describe what is meant by privilege overall and white privilege specifically,” “describe the role of denial when it comes to white privilege,” and “list at least three examples of Christian privilege.”

Timothy Kane, who currently works as the associate director of GWU’s “Inclusion Initiatives,” will be leading the upcoming workshop. Kane is also responsible for recent past workshops on “heterosexual privilege” and “cisgender privilege” and plans to host additional training sessions on “abled-body privilege” and “socio-economic privilege” later this month.  

According to Kane’s short bio on GWU’s website, he is a committed left-wing activist who has been “dedicated” to fighting for LGBT-related causes for most of his life:

Timothy, who has a master's degree in divinity [author’s note: from Harvard] and theology, is dedicated to ensuring that all types of diversity at GW are celebrated and meant to feel included in campus culture and student life. Timothy is a proud gay member of the LGBT community as GW. His masters [sic] thesis was titled "Solidarity as the Greatest Hope for the Gay and Lesbian Community." He hopes to promote this kind of solidarity amongst the LGBT community, and work towards celebrating the richness of diversity here at GW. His passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge as a professional working for LGBT rights and resources brings [sic] about a more accepting and inclusive climate here at GW.

Similarly Orwellian language about the nature of MSSC’s workshops can be found at the office’s website, which claims that its training sessions are meant to “equip students and staff with the necessary skills to promote diversity and inclusion” and help “students create a climate that promotes the acceptance, inclusion and celebration of all cultures.” That is, unless they’re Christian, White, straight, not trans, not poor, or not disabled. If they happen to be any of those things, then they must be part of a system of "unconscious bias" and oppression targeted at the Left’s neo-proletarian classes.

The only other apparent choice, at least according to GWU, is for its students and professors to join in the fight to defeat the Capitalist-Christian-Cissexist-Ableist-Homophobic-White Supremacist Patriarchy along with Kane and his social justice warriors and beg for forgiveness before the altar of political correctness.

With this kind of indoctrination going on at top universities across the United States, how can anyone still doubt that the American higher education system is in dire need of reform?

Take a look at the full list of GWU's MSSC training workshops and their descriptions here.

UPDATE: MSSC deleted the fifteen different training workshops and their descriptions from its website at the link above. However, the "Christian privilege" event still appears to be active given that GWU students can register for it here