Republican Congressmen Render Medical Aid to Victims of Train Collision

Posted: Jan 31, 2018 2:05 PM

In the aftermath of today’s deadly train crash near Charlottesville, VA, several Republican doctors on board immediately volunteered to help the injured.

Rep. Roger Marshall (KS) was among the first to do so, performing CPR on the Amtrak train’s conductor and also assisting with the two passengers in the garbage truck who survived the initial collision.

Marshall’s Twitter account made the announcement:

Rep. Michael Burgress (TX) joined with Marshall in acting as an emergency first responder, according to a statement from his spokesperson:

Rep. Bill Cassidy (LA) also helped tend to the injured and provided an update on the condition of the occupants of the garbage truck:

Cassidy also tweeted a picture of the garbage truck, showing the full extent of the damage to it: