On Hillary at the Wall

Posted: Nov 09, 2009 12:29 PM
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood in for President Obama at today's 20th Anniversary Celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany.

Don't know what was on the President's schedule -- Cabinet hoops, another doctor photo-op, take in a Broadway show with the Missus -- but he couldn't make it. So he sent Hillary in his stead.

NRO's Jay Nordlinger wrote this about Hillary's presence:
I remarked in a previous column on the absence of Barack Obama from the Berlin Wall — on the absence of the American president from ceremonies marking the end of the Cold War. What is also interesting to remark on is the presence of Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state: this good ’60s liberal who was of the school that thought the Cold War was basically a right-wing need, who opposed so many of the policies — Reaganite policies — that helped end the Cold War, and end the Soviet Union itself. These were people who thought that coexistence was the name of the game, and who thought that the very idea of opposing the Soviet Union and winning was dangerous, if not psychotic.

And Hillary Clinton is representing us at the Wall. Wonder if she’ll wear an old nuclear-freeze button. Funny old girl: not Hillary, but history.