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Praising CNN When They Get It Right

We conservatives love to criticize the liberal slant of CNN, and we're usually justified. Their take on the news often skews their reporting and can lead to reporting that's at least a little distorted, if not out right misleading or wrong.

But when they get something right, we should be willing to highlight it -- especially especially when concerns a topic we can all agree (left and right) is important and non-partisan.

I mentioned earlier today that CNN attended our Cinderella Ball this weekend with Jordin Sparks, and wanted to point out the great job they did. Here's some of their written online report, followed by the video they played on CNN this weekend:
Going to the prom is a highlight in many teenagers' lives. But attending a prom isn't always an option for some young people, including those with special needs.

That's where Helen McCormick comes in.

"We are dreaming for children who are excluded from their proms, and ... you're going to see people walk through the doors who are going to be just absolutely mesmerized," said McCormick, president of a Virginia-based nonprofit called The House, Inc.

For the past four years, McCormick has organized a prom specifically for children with special needs.

This year's prom, dubbed "The Cinderella Ball," was held Saturday night at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington. More than 150 teens attended the gala, where they were greeted by 41 Marines. Each one of the teens went down a red carpet, under a Marine Corps sword arch, before being seated for dinner. ...

Most of the teens attending the prom were accompanied by a parent or friend. Some of them brought dates. It was a night many of them said they wouldn't forget anytime soon.

Victor Padgett attended the festivities with his daughter, Dede. He said events like these prove that the human spirit is alive and well.

"There is hope. There is love, and there is compassion for everyone," he said.

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