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From Townhall Magazine: 100 Days ... And Counting

The May issue of Townhall Magazine, which is hitting subscribers' homes now, features an in-depth look at the first 100 days of the Obama administration.

Barack Obama has now revealed himself to be the far-Left president we expected he would be. What's next from this administration?


100 Days ... And Counting
What Hath He Wrought?

by Fred Lucas

President Barack Obama, eight days into the new job, walked past the press stake-out area in front the U.S. Senate chamber entrance with a simple, “Hello, everybody,” before Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, “Sir, right here,” suggesting he might want to say something to the flock of waiting reporters.

The president was en route to meet with Senate Republicans that afternoon after a morning meeting with House Republicans to stress the urgency of reviving the economy.

“The key right now is to be sure we keep politics to a minimum,” Obama told reporters. “There are legitimate philosophical differences with parts of my plan that the Republicans have, and I respect that. I don’t expect 100 percent agreement, nor do my Republican colleagues. But I do hope we can all put politics aside and do the American people’s business.”

In reality of course, there was nothing bipartisan about ...

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